Compressor Applications in Paper and Printing Industries

Air bearings for product handling

Air bearings or air castors enable heavy products to be easily handled by literally floating heavy loads on a virtually frictionless film of air.

Paper pressing

Compressed air is used via cylinders for a variety of pressing applications.


Compressed air is used for operating printing pumps and equipment. As air is non explosive, it is safe and reliable.

Roller adjustment

Compressed air is used to precisely control the roller thickness which determines the paper thickness, essential for an efficient process.

Vacuum generation

Using compressed air and a venturi systems efficiently generates vacuum that is used in many processes such as product handling.

Blower and Vacuum Applications in Paper and Printing Industries

Clean liquid handling

Centrifugal pumps for liquid handling, cleaning and recovering in auxiliary services / processes in pulp and paper mills.

Pre-press press post-press applications

Vacuum is required for a variety of applications in the pre-press area, including preparing images and film for scanning or exposure and for copying printing plates. There are also many applications where over-pressure is needed as well, such as for guiding plates or film in automatic systems. In classic sheet fed offset presses, vacuum and overpressure is always needed for paper handling - at the feeder to separate the sheets, to feed the single sheets to the different colour-aggregates or to guide the sheets through the machine.
All these applications need different amounts of air at different pressures. There are a variety of applications in the post-press arena. For example, side channel blowers for folding and cutting machines; pressure-vacuum pumps and individual vacuum pumps and compressors for collating and book binding machines; and radial blowers for removing waste paper.

Pulp drying

Vacuum is used throughout the forming section of a paper machine to remove water from the paper stock. In the forming section, varying levels of vacuum are applied across the flat boxes and couch rolls to remove the bulk of the water.

Pulp handling

Process centrifugal pumps to handle various paper pulp (wide impeller range to match different viscosity and density of process fluid).

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