Oil Flooded

Oil Injected Rotary Screw Compressors

Our extensive range of Oil Injected rotary screw compressors incorporate the very latest technological advances and manufacturingprocesses. All compressors are designed with high output compression elements with slow rotational speed to reduce energy usage and increase reliability.

Sized to suit the required output all can be supplied with either a fixed or variable speed drive system ensuring volume flow can be precisely controlled to meet demands.

Rotary Vane Compressors

Rotary Vane compressors are ideal for small to medium sized installations such as automotive repair centres, mobile breakdown/ service vehicles, tyre dealers, customisation centres and paint spraying, where a low noise level is required and a constant supply of air. In most applications there is no necessity for an air receiver, giving the unit a very small footprint and a significant advantage where space is of a premium.

Available with Fixed and Variable Speed Drives as well as Diesel and Hydraulic Drive versions.

LB Series Rotary Screw Compressors

Industries, both large and small, rely on Gardner Denver rotary screw compressors for a supply of constantly high quality compressed air. Renowned for their reliability and performance, the LB Series rotary screw compressor range suit a wide range of applications offering;

• Continuous supply of economic and reliable high quality compressed air
• Small footprint
• Integrated modular design
• Low maintenance costs
• Automatic belt tensioning
• Soundproof enclosure
• Low energy consumption
• Low operating temperatures

100% Oil Free

Water Injected Screw

An innovative range of water injected, oil free screw compressors featuring high efficiency and low speed, low temperature reliable operation.

• 15 to 110 kW
• 5 to 10 bar g
• 2.5 to 18.5 m3/min
• Fixed and Variable Speed
• 100% Oil Free

Two Stage Screw

A proven and robust range of oil free screw compressors covering a broad range of industrial applications.

• 75 to 275 kW
• 4 to 10 bar g
• 11 to 42.6 m3/min
• Fixed and Variable Speed

High Speed Centrifugal

Market leading and innovative technology incorporating high speed centrifugal compression and non contact magnetic bearings delivering premium efficiency and low total cost of ownership.

• 150 to 300 kW
• 5 to 8 bar g
• 26 to 52 m3/min
• Variable Speed
• 100% Oil Free
• No Gearbox, No Contact, No Wear!

Integrally Geared Centrifugal

A range of integrally geared, oil free centrifugal machines for high efficiency across a wide range of industrial air and gas applications.

• 300 to 4,350 kW
• 4 to 20 bar g
• 50 to 780 m3/min

High Pressure Technology

High compression air & gas technology for a diverse and varied range of applications. Wherever high compression technology is used, our solutions are never far away. Fire and Rescue, Aerospace, Deep Sea Diving, Engine Starting, Autoclave Charging, Surge Suppression, Natural Gas, Bio Methane, Coal Seam Methane.

Gardner Denver is ideally positioned to support the most demanding of applications, with air and water cooled units available for pressures from 15 bar to 414 bar from our standard production range.

Portable compressors for any application

The smaller range designed to be towable by a standard sedan, featuring the option of an integrated generator, is ideally suited to working in cities and built up area’s where stringent restrictions are placed on noise emissions.

The mid range unit was conceived for the tough demands of the building and construction industries. Designed for durability, reliability and efficiency no matter where you’re working.

The larger TurboScrew range feature bi-turbo technology dramatically increasing efficiency and making them the leader in their class offering exceptional fuel economy.

With working pressures up to 14 bar and factory fitted aftercoolers. These compressors out perform the competition, with tough and reliable operation for the most demanding of industries.

Light Industrial

Compressors for workshop and light industrial applications

This range of industrial quality reciprocating air compressors is manufactured by Gardner Denver in India to our own specifications. All units feature slow revving cast iron compressor pump and oversized pressure vessels.

Main Features:
• Efficient two stage design
• Durable cast iron compressor pump
• Splash lubricated
• Long life alloy steel reed valve
• Deep finned intercooler
• Industrial grade intake filter & silencer
• Oil level site glass
• Cooling module, including radial fan, separate oil and after coolers
• Factory filled with Gardner Denver 4000HR lubricant

Models available with 3 Phase and Single Phase electric petrol or diesel motors.

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