Compressor Applications in Packaging Industries


Compressed air can be used to generate vacuum used in the packaging process. It is also used in conveying systems to move food and ingredients.

Blower and Vacuum Applications in Packaging Industries

Air cushion machines

Positive displacement blowers in vacuum operation are used to suck water and sand mixture being used during crude oil extraction by means of pressurised water injection process.

Blister packaging

Centrifugal pumps are used for liquid handling, cleaning and recovery in auxiliary services / processes in refineries.


When packing products, prior to sealing a vacuum pump would be used to evacuate the air from the packaging. Correct packaging provides the best transportation protection and ensures that products such as electronic parts, pharmaceuticals, etc, can be shipped to the customer aseptically and free of dust.


When bottling beverages, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, the bottle is evacuated before being filled to make sure the product reaches the customer in good quality.

Filling and closing machines

When bottling beverages, cosmetic or pharmaceutical products, the bottle is at first evacuated before being filled to make sure the product reaches the customer in good quality.

Food packaging

Air and the oxygen that air contains have harmful effects on the quality and durability of fresh food. For this reason many processes need evacuation. The classic vacuum application in this field is vacuum packaging. Before sealing, a vacuum pump evacuates the air out of the packet. Vacuum pumps are used in numerous packaging machines for industrial use such as chamber machines, forming machines, carousels and tray sealers.


Liquid ring vacuum pumps and PD blowers in vacuum are used in the packaging production, specifically to make proper forms in plastic layers ( i.e. for fruits and vegetables care).

MAP packaging and storing

The surrounding pressure exerts a mechanical influence on the product that can greatly alter the external shape. For this reason, the MAP process has been the method of choice in many application areas. In this process, products are packaged in modified atmosphere and the oxygen removed. The product is enclosed in a blister package, placed in the vacuum chamber and evacuated.
The modified atmosphere is then injected and the blister package and food are sealed with a protective film. Using this method the food retains its original shape and meats present a suitably red appearance to customers, even after extended storage.

Reduction of transport volume

Vacuum is used to reduce the volume goods for transport and/or packaging. An example would be new clothes that are shrink-wrapped to be able to charge trucks and containers to maximum capacity.

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