Compressor Applications in Automotive Industries

Air operated robots

Robots need air compressors to drive actuators.

Air tools

Air tools are often preferred to electronic tools as they are light and easy to handle.

Breathing air

Compressed air is used to provide breathing air quality. Contaminants in the air supply can result in costly product spoilage, expensive re-work and loss of valuable production time.

Paint shop applications

Compressed air is used to operate paint pumps in highly volatile environments.

Plasma cutting and welding

Compressed air is used to assist with cutting and welding speed and reliability.

Product finishing

Compressed air is used to vaporize and propel paint onto car components and shells.

Tire inflation

Air tire inflators are suitable for use on motor vehicles and cycles.

Blower and Vacuum Applications in Automotive Industries


De-oiling under vacuum

In this process, the components to be cleaned are placed in a vacuum chamber and heated by radiant heaters. The process temperature and pressure are adjusted so that any contamination on the components is vaporized.


Before any further processing can take place, fish and molluscs must be gutted and cleaned. Worktables are outfitted with suitable vacuum nozzles that extract the entrails from the fish. A central vacuum system then pipes the combination of liquid and coarse particles through a filter where they are separated for proper disposal. The same is possible in the poultry sector.

Flood injection washing under vacuum

In this process, the air is first evacuated from the washing chamber. A pressurized injection fluid wash (16 bar) also cleans hidden hollow passages and undercuts.


Blowers in vacuum operation are used with a primary pump in order to deposit a metalic coating on the car lights.

Vacuum drying

With vacuum drying, difficult spots such as blind bore holes, narrow lubrication channels and even internal passage ways can be dried completely, with no residual water remaining in voids or uneven surfaces. In this process, a vacuum is created in the washing chamber. When the pressure drops below that of the vapor pressure of the fluid to be removed, the fluid evaporates and the parts are dried. Most of the vapor removed is trapped in a condensate separator upstream of the vacuum pump. The residual vapor in the air is eliminated by the vacuum pump.
Depending on how dirty the parts are, a water or solvent based detergent is employed. In some cases ATEX approved vacuum pumps are required for solvent based detergents, which may be explosive in nature.

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